Dear Hellenes of Pretoria

Χριστός Ανέστη!

We have completed a Holy and Great Week with humility, having run the course of a Great Lent that has truly been different from previous years. The coronavirus has changed our daily life for the foreseeable future, and we pray and trust that each of you and your loved ones are enduring this new reality with caution. We find ourselves wondering at times, what our lives will be like, during this pandemic, and even after the virus has run its course. The truth is, we do not know for certain! What we do know, is that we will have our Faith and Φιλόπτωχος.

As many of you know, the funds raised by our Community every year are used for the ongoing running of our Church, our
School & Cultural offerings as well as for funding of our Benevolent initiatives, all of which helps to keep our Community
together and to continue thriving. This enormous task is partly funded by various fund-raising events, as well as the vital
donations and Church collections we receive from all of you throughout the year, and especially so, during our Easter Week.

During these difficult and uncertain times that we all find ourselves in, the financial implications that the coronavirus has
had, and will continue to have, on the running of our Church and Community is of the utmost concern. As a Community that is over 100 years old, we have overcome many challenges in the past and certainly we will face others in the years to come, but to do so we need to continue to encourage and support each other, as well as our Community, in whichever way or means available to each one of us. We therefore implore our community members to continue with their generosity by
supporting our fundraising efforts to keep these essential services of our Church and Community going.

Should you be able to make a special donation either once-off, or on ongoing monthly basis, please use the HCP account as
detailed below.

Name: Hellenic Community of Pretoria
Account number:
Branch code:

In the meantime, please continue to stay strong in mind and healthy in body.

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