Request for selective tender for the position of CATERER / CONFERENCING FACILITATOR

To all prospective members of the Hellenic Community of Pretoria (HCP), please take note of the following in respect of the Selective Tender proposed by the HCP Council for position of CATERER / CONFERENCING FACILITATOR.

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A word from Father Michael

Dear friends, have a nice day! Our Church is still close to all. I know that we are going through a bit of an uncomfortable situation now that we have been forced to stay at home, but I am sure we have many things to do that we have long waited for, such as reading, […]

AGM – 10 November 2021

NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Dear Members of The Hellenic Community of Pretoria(“HCP”), This notice is to remind you of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) It is vitally important that our community stand together during this time and show their support in making the right decision for the continued existence of our Language, Religion, […]

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