Kicking off the Soccer Season with the Chairman’s report

Over the past few years we have seen a major increase in the number of youth partaking in the Hellenic Football Club.

Chairman’s Report:

The Hellenic Amateur Sports Club of Pretoria:

Over the past few years we have seen a major increase in the number of youth partaking in the Hellenic Football Club. At the same time we have seen many parents volunteering their time to assist with coaching and providing an educational and social environment for our youth. This commitment by the parents is truly a massive and generous sacrifice which is vital for the Club’s existence, and there is not enough praise of thanks that can be bestowed to you. Furthermore, Hellenic Soccer expands into the senior ranks where you will find the tables have been turned and you will notice this time round the youngsters are supporting their father’s endeavours on the field.

The Hellenic Amateur Sports Club has been an imperative part in establishing a relationship for our youth with the Hellenic Community of Pretoria and Hellenism. Although the current climate in South Africa is forever changing, promoting of Hellenism in our football club is our main objective, which we share with our members and the friends of our community. A new council has been elected and with some young blood amongst the ranks we looking forward to investing back into the Club and maintaining a social environment so that future generations can enjoy the legacy that began many, many years ago.

Jimmy Eracleous


The newly elected Council members are:

Chairman: Jimmy Eracleous
Vice Chairman:  Peter Georgiades
Secretary:  Alexi Christodoulou
Treasurer: Pampos Antoniou
Vice Treasurer: Bambo Papadopoulos
Committee Members: Pierre Kania, Andreas Kounas, Demetri Ioannou

Honoray Members: Nassos Maikos, Takis Angelides, Napoleon Theodorou

For any enquires regarding the Hellenic Football please contact Anouska Papadopoulos

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 16h30 onwards depending on age group. The season ends in September/October.

Hellenic Soccer grounds, Belgrave Square, Hatfield. Corner Burnett and Jan Shoba Str. (formerly Duncan Street)

Under 9’s : Under 11’s : Under 13’s : Veterans (>35 years) 1st & 2nd League Seniors.

Have a look at some of the accolades the first team have achieved, (see the photos below) Well done gents! Wishing all our teams good luck for this year’s season!

FAP Super League Champions 2013
FAP Steve Alexander Cup Champions 2014
FAP Promotion League Cup Champions 2015

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