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Greek National Day 2016 Panigiri

The Greek National Day 2016 Panigiri was a phenomenal success! We had a record turnout of Hellenes who came to enjoy lunch while watching the community’s children say poems and dance. They made us SO proud. Bravo kids!A big thanks goes out to all those who generously donated various food/eats to contribute to the lunch

Schools Message 2016

On behalf of the Hellenic School Committee we would like to wish the members of the Hellenic Community of Pretoria a blessed and prosperous new year!

Tasty Tuesday: Gemista

Gemista = Stuffed Vegetables Gemista recipe is actually one of the most popular Greek recipes. In Greece you will hear this dish as yemista, which is written as γεμιστά. Gemista is the Greek recipe for stuffed tomatoes and other vegetables. It is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes in the summer. Although the predominant English translation of gemista […]

Tasty Tuesday: Basilopita

  On New Year’s Day families cut the Basilopita to bless the house and bring good luck for the new year. This is usually done at the midnight of New Year’s Eve. A coin is hidden in the bread by slipping it into the dough before baking. At midnight the sign of the cross is […]

Christmas message from Father Michael

THE BACKGROUND AND THEOLOGICAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS. We will attempt to describe the historical development of the feast of Christmas, how and when it was introduced in the Church

Tasty Tuesday: Bite-sized Christmas Cakes

Bite-sized Christmas fruit cakes with a twist. Ingredients: 500g moist fruit cake 200g dark chocolate ±150g Golden Syrup ± quarter cup brandy… to taste! 100g white chocolate and red and green glaze cherries for decorating.   Method: Crumble the fruit cake into a bowl into roughly shaped chunks. Melt the 200g dark chocolate. When slightly […]

New president’s welcome message

To all our members of the Hellenic Community of Pretoria, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the new HCP Council for 2015-2017, the council consists of the following people

Tasty Tuesday: Kourambiethes

Welcome to BeHellenic’s Tasty Tuesday. Every Tuesday we will be posting a recipe from a community member for you to try out. If you have a delicious recipe or a special recipe from your yiayia that you’d like to share with us, we will gladly post it on our website. Email us at least two photos, the […]

OXI Day Panigiri 2015

The OXI Day Panigiri held on 1 November 2015 at our community Hall, was a huge success. Thank to all the generous sponsors, EVERYONE who was involved to making the day possible, but especially to our Dancing School and teachers, for keeping the love of dancing alive in our youth.

New Year’s Eve Party 2015/6

The HCP presents the New Year’s Eve Party 2015/6.  Join us at the HCP main hall to enjoy a night of live music, dinner and a DJ from 19h00. Cost:  R400 per person – Adults R 150 per person – Kids under 12 Time:  19h00 Date:  31 December 2015 >>>>>> Book your seats NOW <<<<<<< Tickets sold at […]

Hellenic Soccer season 2015

The 2015 soccer season saw the Hellenic teams doing really well. The dedication of the coaches and players alike proved to be well worth it.